CyberHouse, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is an Internet presence provider. CyberHouse Internet Operations provides state-of-the-art multimedia World Wide Web hosting and high speed dedicated leased line connections.

Internet Operations

Our goal is to help companies find the right Internet service solution to meet their specific business needs. Whether you are a small business considering using the Internet to expand your customer base or a Fortune 500 company with mission critical applications, CyberHouse can deliver the correct solution to meet your business needs.
Web Presence
The Internet has an audience of 25 to 30 million people and the number is growing exponentially each day. Your info-mercial is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with demographics comprised of people who have a median income of $50K/year and upward, and companies from the smallest to the Fortune 500. Customers viewing your products and services can respond with their comments, request more information, and then place orders directly from the Internet.
Electronic Mail
Sending and receiving electronic correspondence over the Internet is a feature more businesses rely on today. The cost of long distance phone calls, fax, or next day delivery can be reduced or avoided altogether with the use of E-mail to send and receive documents that contain any combination of text, graphics, audio, or video. Find out why this is the most widely used and popular feature on the Internet.
Find the brightest and most qualified applicants locally or nationally via your ad on the Internet. Applicants can E-mail your company their resumes or fill out electronic forms posted on your Web page.
Secure Transactions
The technology exists today to allow you to send and receive secure transactions over the Internet. Protect your customers' confidentiality and take orders securely with our encryption technology services.
Internet Connect Services
Whether your business needs dictate a part-time dial-up connection or a dedicated high-speed line CyberHouse offers business Internet connections at speeds ranging from 28.8 kilobits per second to T1(1.54 megabits per second) and beyond, including ISDN services. CyberHouse has servers pre-configured for the Internet, capable of running either UNIX or Windows NT.
Direct Dedicated Access
The Internet Protocol (IP) gives your computer the ability to use all of the tools available on the Internet. With dedicated access, a cable is leased between your facility and ours giving you unencumbered 24 hour access to the Internet. With a digital line, you can connect at speeds hundreds of times faster than a modem link. This is serious power for every business aspiring to make it to the top.
Dial-up Access
Individual computers and small local area networks can also receive the benefits of being connected to the Internet. Dial-up access is perfect for companies taking their first steps on the Information Superhighway. We can connect your company at speeds ranging from 28.8 Kbps over standard phone lines all the way up to 128Kbps over new ISDN lines.
Let us show you what the Internet can do for your business. E-mail us today or call (713) 850-0955 to schedule a demonstration. Your outlook on business will never be the same again.

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